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Hive Reblogger

What is Hive Reblogger?
Hive Reblogger is a tool to automatically reblog new posts which fit your predefined criteria. For example, you might'd like to reblog new posts voted for by a given author. With this tool you can do just that.
How does Hive Reblogger work?
Hive Reblogger streams the blocks from the network on its server and filters them according to your settings. Once such post is found it uses the account posting authority to reblog posts.
What is account posting authority?
Account posting authority lets an application (Hive Reblogger) grant an access to reblog posts with your account without giving it your posting key.
How do I grant account posting authority?
You can click the grant posting authority button on the reblogger page once logged in, or use this link and you will be redirected to hivesigner.com to complete the process. Alternatively, you can use any application which will grant posting authority to Hive Reblogger.
Is Hive Reblogged open source?
Yes, you can access its source code at this repository